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Feasting on Knowledge: The Battle Between Community-Generated Junk and Curated Gourmet Content

In the expansive digital landscape, the surge of community-generated content mirrors the omnipresence of junk food in our diets: readily available, irresistibly consumable, but often lacking in nutritional value. This juxtaposition highlights a stark contrast in the realm of information consumption, where the immediate gratification provided by easily accessible content competes with the rich, nourishing […]

Transforming Training and Certification into a Strategic DevRel Priority

Developer training and certification programs provide tremendous value by increasing technical proficiency. But they often lack integration with strategic company priorities besides generic developer success. This article outlines an approach to transform skills building into a mission-critical enabler helping drive business growth, retention, and innovation. Assessing Needs and Opportunities The first phase focuses research on […]

Ranking DevRel Activities by Expected Community Impact

Developer relations teams have countless options for activities to build community – from events and content production to incentive programs and support forums. With limited resources, where should they focus to drive growth and engagement? This article summarizes a data-backed methodology for ranking the expected impact from 25 common DevRel activities specifically on attracting, energizing […]

Optimizing Risk and Reward in DevRel Initiatives

Developer Relations teams juggle countless activities across content, events, community engagement, and support. With limited resources, how do they determine where to focus for maximum ROI? This article presents a data-driven methodology for evaluating and prioritizing DevRel initiatives based on balancing risk versus potential business value. The Need for ROI Focus DevRel teams often struggle […]

Creating a DevRel Evaluation Framework

For developer relations (DevRel) teams to benchmark and improve their performance, they require an objective methodology for evaluation. This allows them to identify strengths, expose areas needing work, facilitate comparisons, and inform resourcing and strategy. This article outlines how to construct a data-driven framework for grading DevRel across key metrics indicative of impact and health. […]

Establishing a Strategic DevRel Program

Developer relations (DevRel) teams play a crucial role in attracting, supporting, and empowering the developers building on a company’s platforms. However, to maximize impact, it’s essential that DevRel strategy aligns with and ladders up to overall business goals. This article guides structuring a strategic DevRel program poised to drive growth, adoption, and community engagement. Connecting […]