Consulting approach differ from hiring a permanent DevRel employee

When it comes to DevRel, there are some key differences between hiring a permanent employee and working with a consulting agency. Here are some of the main differences:

Consulting Approach

  • Consulting agencies provide a team of experts with diverse knowledge and expertise
  • Consulting agencies offer project-based services, which can save costs and provide flexibility
  • Consulting agencies can set up processes, methodologies, and technologies to use
  • Consulting agencies can provide more services in a single package

Permanent Hire Approach

  • Permanent employees can be moved to a variety of projects once hired
  • Permanent employees are typically W-2 employees of a company and receive benefits
  • Permanent employees are paid a salary and have job security
  • Permanent employees can be trained and developed over time

In summary, working with a consulting agency can provide a team of experts with diverse knowledge and expertise, while hiring a permanent employee can provide job security and the ability to train and develop over time. It ultimately depends on the specific needs and goals of the DevRel program.