DevRel projects for a consultant

Photo by Octavian Dan on Unsplash

Short-term DevRel projects that may be better suited for a consultant include:

  • Developing a content strategy for a specific event or campaign
  • Conducting a developer survey to gather feedback on a new product or feature
  • Creating a social media strategy for a specific platform or audience
  • Developing a training program for a specific technology or tool
  • Conducting a competitive analysis of other developer programs in the industry
  • Creating a roadmap for a new developer program or community
  • Developing a strategy for measuring the effectiveness of a DevRel program
  • Conducting a review of existing developer documentation and recommending improvements
  • Developing a plan for engaging with specific developer communities or user groups
  • Creating a plan for hosting a hackathon or other developer event

These types of projects typically have a specific goal or outcome and require specialized expertise or skills that may not be available in-house. Hiring a consultant for these types of projects can provide flexibility, scalability, and a fresh perspective.